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Dr. Ann Marie Semich

Dr Ann Marie Semich Counselor and Therapist

Are you living life well?

As a therapist, I recognize that most of us experience events and feelings that don’t match up with what we want out of life.

With this in mind, my goal is to work with you to resolve those things that hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

My approach to therapy and counseling is supportive, compassionate and insightful.

A Therapist since 2004 and the founder of Jupiter Community Counseling, I provide healing guidance and strategies for improved change.

Where I can be helpful:

Individual Counseling

Tired of feeling anxious, overwhelmed or depressed?

Are you ready to live life well?

Couples Counseling

Are you ready to heal resentments and be more connected?

Are you ready to enjoy life together?

Teen & Child Therapy

Is your teen, child or family struggling?

Are you at a loss for how to help?

IFS Therapy

Dr. Ann Marie Semich is highly sought out for her expertise in IFS Therapy.  IFS is an evidenced-based and effective therapy, guiding people to more deeply explore, heal, and transform the parts of themselves that hold them back. Dr. Semich is a Certified IFS Therapist and Approved Clinical Consultant.  IFS-trained for over a decade, she has guided hundreds of people to a better life.  Check out the IFS Institute.

Mindfulness & Yoga

Dr. Ann Marie Semich has published research in the field of mindfulness and yoga. Her work yielded significant results in the value of yoga and mindfulness on increasing awareness, non-reactivity, and decreasing stress. The research has been cited in numerous publications from organizations such as the N.I.H., ScienceDirect, UMN, USF.  Additionally, she has been a Registered Yoga Teacher, RYT since 1997.  Dr. Ann Marie holds workshops and retreats combining IFS Therapy, Mindfulness and Yoga.

Dr. Semich Extends a warm welcome

Therapy & Counseling Services

our Jupiter therapists & Counselors offer the most advanced, research-proven therapy in our Jupiter Counseling Office

IFS therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy, proven to be transformational for many of life’s inner and relational challenges. IFS therapy helps people explore and accept the different parts of themselves. Once deeper understanding of the internal system occurs, the healing process of unburdening the difficult emotions, thoughts and beliefs can happen, allowing new qualities, such as confidence, peace, or wisdom to take root. This leads to a diminishing of difficult emotions, behaviors, or old beliefs, making space for personal growth and transformation. Learn more about IFS.

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing is a therapeutic modality that promotes healing from the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences.

Research studies have shown that EMDR offers people great benefits much faster than traditional talk therapies. This modality uses bilateral stimulation while processing difficult events, emotions and beliefs, allowing the mind and body to heal and restore to an improved state of well-being. Many of our Jupiter Therapists are trained in EMDR. Learn more about EMDR.

Mindfulness-based interventions are designed to focus a person’s attention on the present experience in a way that is non-judgmental.

Mindfulness practices help people better control their thoughts and emotions, rather than be controlled by them. Mindfulness is often incorporated into other therapeutic modalities as part of an integrated approach to treatment. These widely popular techniques are also employed in schools, businesses, and the military to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and improve focus, clarity, productivity and life-satisfaction, and much more. Learn more about Mindfulness.

CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a talk therapy that can help manage your problems and emotions by changing the way you think and behave. It’s most commonly used to treat anxiety and depression, but can be useful for numerous other life issues. CBT is based on the concept that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected, and that negative thoughts and feelings can trap you in a vicious cycle of unhappiness.

Our Jupiter Counselors will show you how to change these negative patterns to improve the way you feel, think, and experience life. CBT deals with your current problems, rather than focusing on issues from your past, by focusing on practical ways to improve your state of mind on a daily basis. Learn more about CBT.

Self expression through color, or movement, or writing is a unique way to identify emotions and explore them further, bringing new insights and clarity.  This hand-on, experiential form of therapy is effective for both children and adults, alike.

Good couples counseling along with couple participation will encourage a healthier and more loving dynamic between you and your partner. Our Jupiter Couples Therapists weave together concepts from attachment and Imago theories, Emotionally-Focused-Therapy, the research of John Gottman and the latest in neuroscience.

Common areas: Communication, Conflict Resolution, Intimacy Issues, Infidelity, Resentment, Reconnection, Self-Esteem/Personal Growth. The goal is to connect you as you were at the beginning or perhaps even better than you’ve never been before!

Learn more about Couples Counseling.

Is Online Therapy for you?

  • Counseling sessions in the privacy of your own home
  • Save time by not commuting to and from the counseling office
  • You get more anonymity, by not coming into the counseling office
  • You can meet with us, regardless of where you are in Florida
  • Easy access if you live far or are traveling

Our fees range from $100 to $200, per 50 minute session, depending on the therapist you choose. Payment is due at the time of service.

We do not file insurance, and are not in-network providers for any insurance. However, we can issue you invoices that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement.

Our Jupiter Therapists & Psychologists

Dr Semich - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Dr. Ann Marie Semich

Licensed Therapist & Counselor

Chris Siggins - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Chris Siggins

Licensed Therapist

Paola Ardila-Riley

Child Behavioral Specialist

Kim Siggins - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Kim Siggins

Registered Counselor

Jesica Oshea - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Jessica O'Shea

Registered Counselor

Liz Solomon

Licensed Counselor

Dr Nancy Smith - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Dr. Nancy Smith

Licensed Therapist

Shirley Gilbert - Therapists and Counselors at the Jupiter counseling office of Dr Ann Marie Semich and Jupiter Community Counseling

Shirley Gilbert

Licensed Counselor


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Our Jupiter Therapists & Psychologists

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