Dr. Semich provides IFS Therapy in Jupiter

picture representing the IFS parts IFS or Internal Family Systems offers a clear, compassionate, and empowering method of understanding the parts of you. With IFS Therapy, you can change how you experience, understand, and respond to situations and people.

IFS promotes inner healing and harmony

You are moved toward a state of calmness, courage, connectedness, and clarity. It is evidenced-based, meaning it is one of the best therapeutic practices available, proven scientifically to produce positive results.

In Internal Family Systems therapy, we believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Our inner parts contain valuable qualities. All parts are welcome. Additionally, we understand everyone to have a core Self, an aspect of our being that is wise, compassionate, connected and healing. Our core Self is THE healing agent in Internal Family Systems therapy, allowing us to become integrated and whole.

At the IFS Institute, we welcome ALL people. You are welcome here, too.

Dr. Ann Marie is a Certified IFS Therapist & IFS ConsultantDr. Ann Marie is a Certified IFS Therapist & IFS Consultant

She began her journey with IFS in 2013 when she attended a week-long workshop with Internal Family Systems founder, Dick Schwartz. She has been using the modality extensively with clients for over a decade. Dr. Semich has completed Level 1, Level 2: Deepening and Expanding, Level 2: Trauma and Neuroscience, and Level 3, as well as numerous IFS trainings with Dick Schwartz and other Lead Trainers. Additionally, she has worked as a Program Assistant for IFS Institute trainings since 2016.


You Can Benefit from Internal Family Systems Therapy

Dr. Ann Marie uses IFS therapy to help her clients that are experiencing inner struggles and life difficulty. Sometimes, people have a misconception that Internal Family Systems is for families. We think of “family” as the internal system of an individual with many parts, like families have many members. Both, individuals, and couples can learn and grow from this comprehensive, healing therapy.

collage representing the IFS parts within yourself

People experiencing the following can benefit from Internal Family Systems Therapy:

  • Anxiety or Stress
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Transition – Breakups, Illness, Etc.
  • Self-Esteem/Personal Growth
  • Relationship Issues
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Body Image/Eating
  • Anger or any Problematic Emotion

What Happens in A Therapy Session?

Internal Family Systems therapy is experiential and beyond a form of talk therapy. You can expect your time to be deep, meaningful, and insightful. In session, we will begin to pinpoint the different “parts of the system” that are preventing you from experiencing Self (the core of who you are).

This therapy aims to identify three key parts:

  1. The Exiles – The suppressed, pained, or wounded parts of you.
  2. The Managers – The protector parts of you that manage your world to keep the exiles suppressed.
  3. The Firefighters – The protector parts of you that jump in to soothe or suppress the emotions of the exile after triggered.

For example, if a client is worried about losing their job, the underlying fear is the exile. The part that tries to prove that they are a valuable employee (person) by working late hours, or people pleasing is the manager protector. If the boss indicates they are underperforming (thus triggering the fearful exile), the firefighter protector part might start drinking to numb or suppress the fearful exile.

In session, you are invited to explore these parts of you from a place of curiosity and compassion. Once the part feels fully understood by you, we continue the healing process by unburdening the old beliefs and emotions. Then, we can integrate new, more helpful qualities such as peace, or joy, or confidence.

What Are the Goals of Therapy?

Once your exiles have been unburdened from the emotions and beliefs that they have been carrying, the protector parts relax. Your protectors can now shift to more helpful roles. This creates more space in your internal system, so you can experience the qualities of Self in daily life. You will notice feeling more confidence, clarity, compassion, calm, courage, curiosity, creativity, and connection.

When this type of deep healing happens, you will be more able to have a “choice in every moment.” This means you can choose how to respond to life’s events, circumstances, and relationships in a harmonious and more loving way.

How to Find a Good IFS Therapist Near Me?

Internal Family Systems is a deeply compassionate and transformational model of therapy. Clients report incredible healing and positive shifts in themselves and in their lives. So, finding the right IFS therapist is incredibly important. Here are a few things to consider:

Is the therapist actually trained in IFS therapy? According to the IFS Institute, “IFS Level 1 Training is the core, required, and only legitimate way to use IFS in a clinical setting. Anyone who has not completed the IFS Level 1 Training, at a minimum, cannot effectively or in good faith practice IFS psychotherapy.”

To determine if the practitioner is an IFS therapist, go to the IFS Institute website. In the ‘Find A Professional’ tab, use the filters to input your state. You will see a list of trained Therapists. There are various degrees of experience and education that each therapist has obtained. Here is a brief guide to understanding IFS therapists expertise (starting with the most experienced):

  • IFS Clinical Consultant: The highest level of achievement. Therapist is trained, certified, and has several years of experience. They have demonstrated their IFS skills and have been recommended by Lead Trainers for this position. The Clinical Consultant can supervise, train, and teach IFS Therapists working toward certification or improving their skills.
  • IFS Certified Therapist: Minimum requirements – has demonstrated their competency through video recordings of their work, 2 years and 200 hrs of experience, and at the least, Level 1 trained. Most Certified IFS Therapists have far exceeded the minimum requirements.
  • IFS Level 3 Trained Therapist: Completed a 5-day, 40 hour training designed to allow therapists to work with their own parts and with other advanced practitioners. Level 2 prerequisite.
  • IFS Level 2 Trained Therapist: Completed a 6-day to 12-day training in more in depth topics. Level 1 prerequisite.
  • IFS Level 1 Trained Therapist: Completed a 12-day, 90 hour training. Many therapists enter this training with some knowledge of IFS, after reading books or doing online workshops. However, they are very surprised by how much more there is to know!
    If you are interested in experiencing Internal Family Systems for yourself, Don’t hesitate to reach out. You will be so glad you did!