Many people worry about the perceptions that others have of them.  But worrying about what other people think holds us back from being ourselves and maximizing our full potential.  If you want to live a happy life, stop worrying about what others think. 

Here are a few reasons to let go of seeking approval from others:

Allows for a solid sense of self-worth.  People who feel good about themselves generally attract other healthy, solid people into their lives.  If we link our own self worth to someone else’s opinions, we lose a sense of self.  Holding true to who you are brings about healthier, happier relationships with others who respect you.

People’s judgments rarely hold truth.  Often, when people judge, it is more a reflection of who they are as a person and not a reflection of you.  Judgmental people are often insecure and looking to boost their own self-esteem by putting other’s down.  Know who you are and be proud of all your good qualities.

You don’t always know what people think.  We often get caught up in assumptions about what others think of us.  Assumptions are a huge waste of energy and usually cause negative emotions.  We can never really know what others think.  Stop making assumptions and you will have more inner peace.

Less worry frees up energy for more important things.   Worrying about other’s opinions take a lot of energy and doesn’t change or accomplish anything.  Letting go of worry allows you more energy to focus on being your best and enjoying the good people in your life.