A 6-week women's group

The Path to your Calmest and Happiest Self: Overcoming Stress, Anxiety and Worry

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Stress and anxiety can rob us from true joy and prevent us from really Living Life. The effects of stress and anxiety are many:

  • • Fatigue
  • • Lack of mental clarity
  • • Sleep problems
  • • Low self-confidence
  • • Irritability
  • • Isolating
  • • Strained relationships
  • • Sadness
  • • Feeling nervous or tense

The good news is that there are a multitude of strategies and techniques derived from various modalities including mindfulness and cognitive-behavioral tools THAT REALLY WORK. Here are the results of less stress and diminished anxiety.

  • • More energy
  • • Mental clarity
  • • Contentment and inner peace
  • • Better sleep
  • • Self-confidence
  • • Healthier eating habits
  • • Better mood
  • • More meaningful relationships
  • • Increased motivation
  • • Ultimately, more joy!

In this course, I have compiled THE VERY BEST STRATEGIES that I have used personally and that I have taught to hundreds of women, resulting in transformations of body, mind and spirit. In this course, you will learn:

  • • A deeper understanding of the mechanisms of stress and anxiety.
  • • Personal insight into your own patterns that are contributing to a lack of peace.
  • • The most effective mindfulness tools for inner-calm & clarity.
  • • Some cognitive techniques for shifting out of the worry trap.
  • • Ways to move from self-criticism to self-acceptance.
  • • How to initiate relaxation and release tension from your body.
  • • How to naturally balance neurotransmitters that support mood and energy.

This course also includes meditations, worksheets, and other helpful tools.

It is time to start Living Life! I would like to personally invite you to join me on this journey!

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About Dr. AnnMarie Semich

Individual Counseling

Client at Jupiter Community Counseling in deep thought

Each experience in our Jupiter counseling office is unique, just as every individual is unique.

Individual counseling gives you the opportunity to work collaboratively with a counselor for supportive guidance to resolve issues, get through a difficult or painful experience, explore thoughts and feelings, examine behaviors and beliefs, working toward making healthy changes.

Some of the areas where we can help:

  • • Anxiety
  • • Depression
  • • Grief and Loss
  • • Trauma
  • • Life Transition
  • • Stress
  • • Body Image/Eating Issues
  • • Self-Esteem/Personal Growth
  • • Spirituality

At Jupiter Community Counseling, our goal is to help you gain insight and empower you towards lasting positive change.

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Couples Counseling

Happy couple sharing a warm embrace while at Jupiter Community Counseling

Welcome to our Jupiter counseling office! If you are wanting to make some positive changes in your marriage or relationship you have come to the right place.

Good couples counseling along with couple participation will encourage a healthier and more loving dynamic between you and your partner. Our marriage and couples counseling services cover a number of common areas including:

  • • Couples Communication
  • • Conflict Resolution
  • • Intimacy Issues
  • • Infidelity
  • • Resentment
  • • Reconnection
  • • Healthy boundaries

In our Jupiter counseling office, we weave together concepts from attachment and Imago theories, Emotionally-Focused-Therapy, the research of John Gottman and the latest in neuroscience. The goal is to connect you as you were at the beginning or perhaps even better than you’ve never been before!

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Teen Counseling

Teenagers texting before their appointment at Jupiter Community Counseling

The specialist in our Jupiter counseling office are committed to helping your teen and your family during this difficult developmental stage.

Teenagers and parents of today are dealing with unprecedented levels of pressure and stress, which can be particularly challenging:

  • • Is your teenager withdrawn, sad, lonely, depressed, or anxious?
  • • Is your son or daughter running with an undesirable peer group or engaging in negative behaviors?
  • • Does your teen have trouble fitting in, or suffer from low self-esteem?

You’re not alone. Teens are often more comfortable accepting help from a trustworthy adult in a safe environment because they can confidentially discuss complicated issues and feelings they may not feel comfortable sharing with parents. Healthy development during the teen years is influenced by the teen feeling supported but often, teens pull away from their parents just when they need guidance the most – this is where we come in.

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Family Counseling

Happy family walking on the beach after counseling at Jupiter Community Counseling

Family counseling brings together members of a family to work through situation or relationship issues.

Concerns may include changes in family relationships, conflict, health issues or other family dynamic issues. The professionals in our Jupiter counseling office will help the family recognize their patterns, build on the positive and develop alternatives, providing all family members a voice in the process.

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